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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
streams-core Core classes and interfaces for streams.
streams-config Stream and Stream Component General Configuration Objects and Utilities
streams-contrib Contributed modules for communicating with services using non-Streams protocols and/or non-Activity data formats.
streams-components Functional components to embed in streams, or extend to customize behavior.
streams-dist Apache Streams
streams-examples Apache Streams
streams-monitoring Monitoring of executing streams and stream components.
streams-pojo Activity json schemas and POJOs, and supporting classes.
streams-pojo-extensions Support for adding and modifying extension properties
streams-plugins Apache Streams
streams-runtimes Apache Streams Runtimes
streams-schemas Aggregator for schema modules
streams-testing Apache Streams Testing Configuration
streams-util Apache Streams Utilities
streams-verbs Apache Streams